Craftsman Ranch
This craftsman ranch over a full walk-out basement is a beautiful family home. The home owners had a floor plan from their parents home and they knew they loved that home, but needed some revisions and wanted to scale it down just a bit. We worked for about 6 months, using the parents home plan as a model and reworked, almost entirely the kitchen and family room area and the walk out basement level. In the end, I think the home is beautiful. A true expression of the homeowners style, full of warmth and room for family. The kitchen cabinets are a shaker style cabinet with a soapstone countertop. The floor is a natural slate tile, which repeats again in the half bath tile. The walls range in color from a warm tan to lovely warm blue/grey shades that were taken from the tile colors. The library has a wall of shelves that I custom designed for this home. The master bath vanity is a unique combination of a grey distressed wood vanity, with a rainforest granite top. Truly one of a kind. The exterior of the home is clad in natural Brown County Stone and is so welcoming and fits in beautifully with the surrounding woods. This home is definitely one of my favorite projects and the homeowners some of my favorite clients.